• September 20, 2020

WiFi Speed Test PRO v4.0.0 [Paid] APK

WiFi Speed Test PRO

Use the most professional home and business network tool on Android! With this tool you can test the speed of your local (LAN) network. Testing can be done on wireless (wifi) or wired network.


for Android 6 (Marshmallow): Please enable location service (Settings>Location) or the app won’t work properly. This is not required for the app, this is a problem in android 6.0 (without it the app won’t see the networks).

Highlighted functions:

* Test Wi-Fi upload and download speed
* UDP speed test
* FTP server speed test
* Samba server speed test
* iPerf speed test (iPerf, nttcp, Cisco ttcp)
* Tethering and hotspot support (you can test even your usb tethering)
Important: This is not an Internet speed test app! This application will measure the speed of your local network, live Internet connection is not required.

Other features:

* Test Wi-Fi or LAN speed between your mobile phones/tablets.
* Test Wi-Fi or LAN speed between your mobile devices and your computer
* Detecting overlapping networks
* Visualization
* Analyse your network and find bottlenecks
* Export results in csv format and upload to cloud
* Test Ethernet speed: Useful if your device uses Ethernet connection (like Smart Media Hub or Android based media player)

What’s New

Added more Pro only features:

* you can enable zoom in/out in the graph (visualization)
* you can change the default time frame in the graph to see more data together (visualization)



WiFi Speed Test PRO v4.0.0 [Paid] APK / Mirror

WiFi Speed Test PRO v2.5.5 APK / Mirror

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