Tik Tok Apk Old Version For Upload Own Music

Tik Tok Old Version Free Download – Upload own Tik Tok Sound

Tik Tok is a very Popular Music Video App. Tik Tok has Million of daily users.Tik Tok App is a fun App for Making videos but checking others videos is more fun on tik tok. You can download tik tok video and share other social networks, you can leave comments and ‘like’ other user’s videos, share with your friends, and so on.

Tik Tok Old Version 8.2.0

Here you can download Tik Tok old version 8.2.0 . With this version You can add you can select my sound or if you want to upload your own sound in tik tok library it is only possible with this tik tok old version. Tik tok has been updated in new tik tok version and with this Tik tok newest version you can’t add own sound in your Videos.

So no need to worry if you can’t add your own sound in tik tok app. Here we provide old tik tok version with this Tik Tok App old version you can easily add your own sound in your tik tok videos.WIth Tik Tok Newest version it is not possible to add my sound in your videos. So you need to Download Older version of tik tok app. Below we have provided old tik tok Version 8.2.0 download it.

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Tik Tok old version 8.2.0 apk