System Mechanic Professional Ultimate Defense for PC

System Mechanic Professional Ultimate Defense

System Mechanic Pro uses patented technology to restore speed, power, and stability to your PC. It fixes errors, boosts performance, defends against infections, and proactively prevents problems from reoccurring. This all-in-one solution to complete Windows care also provides online backup, recovers deleted files, securely wipes data, and includes high-performance triple-certified antivirus protection that wont slow you down.

system mechanic pro

System Mechanic Pro can help you speed up your PC no matter what your experience level. One-click power tools perform vital services, intelligently diagnosing and resolving PC headaches and performance bottlenecks. Advanced tools such as Startup Optimizer and EnergyBooster give gamers and power users the total control they crave to fine-tune their system for maximum speed. Exclusive patented ActiveCare technology automatically maintains the PC when it’s idle, so your computer can run like new for as long as you own it. Weekly Tune-up Definitions updates from iolo Labs ensure that your PC is protected against the latest performance threats and system flaws.

Now with more than 70 features, System Mechanic Pro is engineered to address all root causes of PC slowdown, and can improve your PCs performance in the following critical areas: Faster Windows startup; Faster program launching; Faster program responsiveness; aster internet browsing; Faster gaming experience; More available RAM memory; Prevents crashes and freezes. Enjoy fast, reliable performance – no computer expertise required.


  • Optimize, repair, and protect your PC against Internet threats
  • Last updated on 06/23/20
  • There have been 3 updates within the past 6 months

How To Install ?

– Application requires activate internet to work, so no host block or firewall is needed. Clean your host file from the previous blocking lines and install new version. Online checks from within the software have already been patched for safety!

– Install, don’t launch yet.

– Copy and replace patch in the program directory.

Changes made:

– Patch activate nag on Fix/Repair buttons.

– Patched serial check on dashboard.

– Unlocked and activated all Ultimate Defense Items:

* Privacy Guardian, ByePass, Malware Killer, System Shield, Search and Recover, Drive Scrubber.

* Dashboard, ToolBox, ActiveCare, LiveBoost, Security.

* Service subscription status patched out. It won’t have any expiry. It will automatically add days to subscription status after every launch. Just to test set system date one year ahead and re-launched it, no problems occured.

– In dash board recommendations Purchase Privacy Guardian Online and Purchase Malware Killer Online, these are just recommendations by the app, all modules are already unlocked. You can click drop down menu and Hide this recomenndations. They will no longer show up.

Download Links :

Download version with a size of 61 MB with crack