SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper v11.1.2-257 [Paid] APK

SuperWall Video Live Wallpaper

TLDR: Yes, it can play MKV files! SuperWall is a Live Wallpaper app that allows you to set portrait and landscape video’s (Launcher pending) as your phone/tablet wallpaper.

Super Personalize your Android device with your favorite videos! SuperWall will automatically rotate the two video wallpapers based on the orientation of your device.

Got portrait video’s that you have no use for?  Well now you do! SuperWall is the perfect platform to finally use those portrait videos that you have. Portrait video’s are terrible for Youtube, but perfect for SuperWall. Set those beautiful family video’s of your wedding, kids, dogs, cats, llamas?, etc… as your Android wallpaper. Don’t have any portrait videos? Start taking some today, or convert your existing video’s (feature coming in future release)!
If you use a launcher that also supports landscape mode (ie. Google Now Launcher, Smart Launcher 3, etc), then you can optionally set a landscape video for when your phone is on its side. Perfect for tablets!

Encourages you to un-clutter your home screen to allow the amazing video wallpaper to really pop and show off your phone and express yourself.
Did you know that occasionally, though rare, Android can sometimes not actually turn itself idle even when you push the power button? Well with audio enabled, this wallpaper will play audio if its on while your screen is off, notifying you that Android is not actually idling. This actually helps you save battery in the long run.
Battery consumption? Will your battery take a hit with a video live wallpaper? Unfortunately, it will a little bit. Although much care has been taken to optimize the video playing to minimize battery consumption, expect it to drain marginally quicker. Certain tradeoffs had to be made in order to provide the best overall user experience.


Rename Video
Set to Current Video
Fixed scaling for Screen saver



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