Simply Unroot v3.1 apk

Simply Unroot v3.1 apk  your device with a click.
This is the easiest tool for unrooting all Android powered devices or checking root access.
This app will remove all undesirable root permissions and busybox extensions.

This Simply Unroot v3.1 apk , however, does not have the abilty to root your device, reset Samsung Flashcounter or set KNOX back to 0x0. Un-rooting your device is permanent unless you root it again.

Please note that this app is also carries no guarantee that it solves the specific manufacturer and device Over-the-Air Update issue.
Please buy or rate this app only if you know what it does. If any error are encountered please inform me of them by a log.

read this :
android.permission.READ_LOGS to read logfile
android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER to grant su permissions to verify if you bought the app
whats new in Simply Unroot v3.1  apk :

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For unroot android 2.2 and above.
Support for arm, x86 and mips devices.
Support for all famous Super User apps.

more info from playstore

Download Simply Unroot v3.1 Latest apk

Download Simply Unroot v3.1 Latest apk

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