Screen Stream Mirroring v1.5.3 Apk

Screen Stream Mirroring is a powerful app to mirror and record your Android device display and audio in real time !
You can share your android screen “live” just like a dual screen to any device or pc on the same network through media player, web browser, Chromecast, and UPnP / DLNA devices (Smart TV or other compatible devices).
You can even make powerful presentation for work or education.
You can also broadcast your screen mirror to internet popular streaming servers (Twitch, Ustream, Youtube, …).

With RTSP mode, the screen is mirrored to media players (such as VLC, XBMC, QuickTime…).
No other specific client is needed and you will benefit of the power of your media player.

With HTTP mode, the screen is mirrored to web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, …).

With RTMP mode, broadcast to online famous media servers, the screen is mirrored directly to the chosen target (,,, and others…).

With Chromecast / UPnP / DLNA mode the screen can be mirrored to your Chromecast, and UPnP / DLNA device such Smart TV or other compatible devices.

Any number of connections can be made to your android mirroring, so multiple people can connect at the same time !

Following settings and features are available:
[✔] No root: the app is compatible with unrooted devices (need to use our one-time startup program bellow Android 5.0)
[✔] Mirroring to media players
[✔] Mirroring to web browsers
[✔] Broadcast online to Twitch, Youtube, Ustream, and others…
[✔] Mirroring to UPnP / DLNA devices such as Smart TV and others compatible devices
[✔] Google Cast™ Ready (Chromecast)
[✔] Recording to MP4 file
[✔] Camera overlay while you stream or record
[✔] internal audio (ROOTED Android 4.4+ devices) and microphone mirroring
[✔] Mixed audio (internal + microphone) available
[✔] No specific client app required
[✔] Compatible with Network Tethering (wifi, bluetooth, USB)
[✔] Many settings to optimize performances
[✔] Secure stream with username + password (RTSP)
[✔] Logs screen to know who is connected

What’s New
– CAMERA overlay ! Show front camera while you stream. Activate from notifications, drag to move, touch to resize.
– RECORDING ! Now get all the Screen Stream Mirroring features while recording to MP4 movies.
– Added MIXED audio: microphone + internal audio all together ! (ROOTED Android 4.4+ devices).
– Added Motion JPEG format (software encoding) to HTTP mode.
– Bug fixes and improvements.




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