Quran Majeed for Muslim Islam 2.9.71 APK Premium Latest

Quran Majeed is an amazing Quran app that beautifies your life with the blessing of reading and listening to the Quran on the go. The latest version of the authentic Quran Majeed app for Android offers complete Quran in the elegant Uthmanic script and IndoPak Script proofread by a Muslim Islamic scholar (‘alim), multiple audio recitations and translations. A must have app for all Muslims and Islam followers.

Quran Majeed for Android is similar to Quran Majeed for iOS (iPhone, iPad).

● Worldwide accurate Prayer timings.

● Qibla Compass

● Audio Speed control

● World famous reciters (Sheikh Abdul Basit, Sheikh As Sudays & As Shraym, Mishari Rashid, Saad Al Ghamdi, Abu Bakr Shatry, Sheikh Ahmed Ajmi, Sheikh Al-Huzaifi, Sheikh Mahir-al-Muayqali, Sheikh Minshawi, Sheikh Ayub, Khalil Husari, Mahmood AlBana, Salah Bukhatir & Sheikh Basfar).

● Four English translations (Pickthal, Dr. Mohsin, Mahmood & Yusuf Ali) and 45 (forty-five) language translations (AlBanian, Amazigh, Amharic, Azerbaijani, Bengali, Bosnian, Bulgarian, Chinese, Divehi, Dutch, French, German, Hausa, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Malaysian, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Sindhi, Somali, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tajik, Tamil, Tartar, Turkish, Urdu, Uyghur, Uzbek.

● Option to display any translation along with full Arabic text in hi-resolution, Retina graphics in both portrait and landscape viewing. Supports pinch/zoom feature for changing font size.

Install Instruction :  

  1. “APK” install it on your android device.
  2. “com.pakdata.QuranMajeed” copy into Folder “android / obb”
  3. Enter the game And enjoy
  4. Remember AMMAPETTAI 🙂

What’s New :

15 Lines for IndoPak font
Arabic UI fixes


Quran Majeed for Muslim Islam 2.9.71 APK Premium Latest

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