• September 26, 2020

Quick Converter v1.8 [Paid] APK

Quick Converter

Do you ever need to convert something quickly, only to find you have to search through categories to find your conversion?

Quick convert aims to be different. By limiting the conversions available, you can convert as simply as entering your value and tapping a button. Still there are plenty conversions built-in.
Quick convert also allows you to change the layout of the buttons to suit. Just tap ‘Change’, then tap the two buttons you wish to swap.
* Quick results – just enter a value and tap a button.
* Quickly clear your value by tapping the red cross.
* Results are presented using resizeable text on all versions.
* Redefinable layout.
* Available conversions between:
miles – km
inch – cm
feet – meters
square feet – square meters
gallons UK – liters (also converts to gallons US)
galons US – liters (also converts to gallons UK)
pints UK – liters (also converts to pints US)
pints US – liters (also converts to pints UK)
Fahrenheit – Celcius
pounds (lb) – kg
ounces – grammes
calories – Kilojoules

What’s New

– Changed icon to Adaptive type
– Compiled for Android 9 (Pie)
– Fixed bug that occurred for some small screen devices (only 1 row of buttons would show)
– Fixed size of buttons (labels were being truncated on some devices)
– Appologies, last few updates introduced a few problems, hopefully all fixed now!
– Keyboard will now dismiss automatically when a convert button is pressed
– Fixed issue that caused deg – rad converter to stop working



Quick Converter v1.8 [Paid] APK / Mirror

Quick Converter v1.3 (Paid) APK / Mirror

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