Penis Size Calculator v1.0 [AdFree] [Latest]

Penis Size Calculator

Penis Size Calculator

Penis Size Calculator

– Knowing more about someone you like?
– Knowing if it’s worth dating with someone?
– Knowing whether you’d rather watch the film to the end?
– Knowing if your friend is sweetening her lovestory?
– Knowing in which country you want to go on holiday?

What is Penis Size Calculator?
Penis Size Calculator is free app that allows you to calculate approximate penis size using factors like: height, nose size, shoes size, hand size, country.

Which data do we use?
For our calculations we use freely accessible statistics and formulas on the Internet. We would like to expressly point out that these are approximate calculations and we cannot guarantee the correctness of the calculations. This app is designed for fun and should not be taken seriously.

Is it possible to calculate penis size based on other factors?
We have found no evidence that the penis size is calculable. Our calculations are based on statistical evaluations and can deviate from the actual values.

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