Paragon ExFAT NTFS USB Android v3.1.4 Cracked APK

Paragon ExFAT NTFS USB Android

Paragon exFAT/NTFS for Total Commander is the most convenient non-root method for transferring files between your Android device and any exFAT, NTFS, FAT32 or HFS+ formatted drive or memory stick.

Attention all manufacturers & OEMs attending MWC! Add highest performance HFS+/exFAT support to your mobile, connected, smart or infotainment devices. This app only works in pair with Total Commander app via USB On-The-Go. no root access needed!

We have finally launched a full-fledged commercial app to provide you with instant access to HFS+, FAT32 and exFAT volumes. The file system support is paid now, but you can fully evaluate them for 2 days in a trial mode.

Supported file systems:
• NEW! exFAT: $4.99
• HFS+: $1.99
• FAT32: $1.99
• All file system support pack: $7.99


Download and install Total Commander for Android, install Paragon USB plugin, connect FAT32 or HFS+ formatted disks or sticks via USB OTG and enjoy instant high-speed access.


For those of you having issues using our app, we’ve added Troubleshooting tab, which is accessible directly from the app.


Downloads: FULL version Unlocked | NTFS, exFAT, HFS+, FAT3 | Analytics disabled by default

Paragon ExFAT NTFS USB Android v3.1.4 Cracked APK / Mirror (ARM)

Paragon ExFAT NTFS USB Android v3.1.4 Cracked APK / Mirror /  (x86)