Make free unlimited calls without Money 100% work 2017

Make free unlimited calls without Money 100% work 2017

Do you share our passion for real human conversations? If so, then we created tlkn® for you. Our voice app has the best audio quality, highest privacy standards, and most beautiful interface. High-Definition voice calls to other tlkn users are always free. We offer affordable calls to mobile and landline users. You feel better when you get tlkn!

– Free encrypted High-Definition Internet calls
– Privacy by design, we only collect data essential to the service
– No intrusive adverts, neither now nor in the future
– Single account across several devices and numbers
– Low-cost calls to mobile and landline phones
– Share call credit with family and friends

We are on the mission to help more people enjoy impactful conversations by talking to each other.

What motivated us to create tlkn is a concern for a younger generation, who are now used to sterile text messages. We feel they are missing out on real human connection. Deep and intimate emotions are best expressed via voice, and not by icons.

Today an incoming phone call is a demanding annoyance. Our fear is that art of conversation is dying as a result. If things continue this way, we may end up isolated and alienated from one another.

Instead, we would like to recreate that excitement that people felt when phone calls were new. Our hope is for a tlkn call to be a gift, not a demand. By joining people who value talking, we create a positive energy transfer that leaves everyone feeling better.

Our passion comes from the heart, even if our inspiration is that of engineers and designers. Success for us is a self-sustaining monetization model, whereby people can keep talking to each other around the world at no cost.

Critical to our vision is a service that is free from surveillance by corporations looking to make advertising revenues, or governments who don’t have your best interests at heart. We only collect data that is essential to the service. There is no sharing of call content or logs with third parties

Our company is self-funded and we plan to stay independent. Our integrity and your privacy are not for sale.

  • tlkn — Free HD calls Screenshot
  • tlkn — Free HD calls Screenshot

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