To-do list + 2.0 APK Paid Latest

To-do list + 2.0 APK Paid Latest

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  • To-do list + Screenshot
  • To-do list + Screenshot
  • To-do list + Screenshot
  • To-do list + Screenshot
  • To-do list + Screenshot
  • To-do list + Screenshot
  • To-do list + Screenshot
  • To-do list + Screenshot
  • To-do list + Screenshot
  • To-do list + Screenshot

To-do list + is a Productivity android app made by ThomSan Software B.V. that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !
ForAnyList is a versatile list manager that allows you to create and maintain all kinds of lists, like to-do lists, check lists or shopping lists. It lets you manage your lists in an intuitive way. For example, you can easily reorder the tasks of a to-do list in a logical sequence (e.g. most urgent at the top), change the text color of a task to indicate status, or create sub-tasks (in sub-lists or folders) to structure your task list. Optionally you can mark a task as urgent or link a task to one or more persons and/or locations. You can then view your collection of tasks or other notes in four different ways:

1. All notes: A list of all your notes (tasks, products, wishes, etc.), typically divided into sub-lists;
2. Today: A list of tasks or other notes that need short term attention;
3. People: A list of tasks associated with, or assigned to, specific persons, so a to-do list per person;
4. Places: A list of tasks associated with specific locations, so a to-do list per location.

Another nice feature is the archive. Use it to show tasks or notes that have been completed/deleted in the last 3 months. For example, the tasks you completed today or yesterday, or all completed tasks for “Project X” in the past month. Furthermore, you can restore (accidentally) deleted notes from the archive, or supplement a grocery list with archived products (you bought before), so without the need to re-enter these products.

Other features are:

• Automatic detection of websites, email addresses and phone numbers.
• Add pictures.
• Search your collection of notes by keyword and browse through the search result.
• Choose the date on which a task should appear in the list Today.
• Receive a reminder at the chosen day and selected time.
• Define recurring tasks that show up, say, every Wednesday or every 1st of the month.
• View all scheduled tasks for the list Today and change them if you want.
• Create folders inside a folder. The number of levels is unlimited (multi-level).
• Easily move a note (or a folder) from one folder to another.
• Drag a note into a (sub-)folder (with undo).
• Swipe a note to the left to move it back to the parent folder (with undo).
• Swipe a note to the right to delete (with undo).
• Delete multiple notes easily (useful for erasing a shopping list).
• Sort a list automatically by alphabet, creation date, folder, struck-through or text color.
• Define your own color sequence for sorting.
• Use the widget to show the list “Today” on your home screen.
• Create shortcuts on your home screen to your lists and sub-lists.
• Email and print your to-do lists or shopping lists.
• Import notes from ordinary text files.
• Make a backup of all your notes and preferences and restore when needed.
• Email your backup file, for example to your new smartphone.
• Lock your shopping list when you are in the grocery store.
• Change the appearance of ForAnyList. Choose from seven predefined themes.
• Mini tutorial when starting ForAnyList for the first time.
• Help is available (but you probably won’t need it).
• Use ForAnyList in portrait or landscape mode.
• Move the app to the SD card (if you don’t need the widget).

Whats New:
– Add pictures to your lists (with camera or Gallery)
– Add a picture to a person or location
– Scroll through all pictures of a list (album)
– Several small changes and bug fixes
– Your data is stored locally
– And not just anywhere on the Internet
– Works without Internet connection
– No data traffic
– One-time purchase, no subscription


To-do list + 2.0 APK Paid Latest

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