• October 26, 2020

Kino HD v2.2.9 APK (Mod Ad-Free + Mod Lite)

Kino HD A free application for watching new movies (in better and worse quality). There are genres and search, there is almost everything. New movies quickly appear.

  • Search Movies
  • Top New Movies
  • Movies by Genre
  • TV series
  • Best Contributions
  • And much more awaits you at Cinema HD

MOD Ad-Free:

  • Languages: RU.
  • Platforms: arm7, x86.
  • Activated Pro: disabled ads.
  • Blocked sending analytics.
  • Removed unnecessary files.

MOD Lite:

  • Language: ru
  • Platforms: arm +, x86 +
  • Unlocked PRO: disabled ads
  • Modification is untied from Google Services
  • Deeply optimized application graphics
  • Removed some menu items
  • Blocked the search for new versions of the application
  • Work of analytical services is blocked
  • Optimized application manifest to improve performance
  • Signature changed



Download Links:

Kino HD v2.2.8 APK (Mod Ad-Free) / Mirror

MoonWalk Plugin / Mirror


Kino HD v2.2.9 APK (Mod Lite) / Mirror (arm)

Kino HD v2.2.9 APK (Mod Lite) / Mirror (x86)

MoonWalk Plugin / Mirror

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