How To Make Money Online In Android Apk with PROOF 100% Real

How To Make Money Online In Android Apk with PROOF 100% Real no fake

earn money


WHAFF can make this happen Do you need to buy Gems and Coins for your favorite game right now? Have you run out of pocket money for online shopping? We are here to help!
Check out the coolest and the latest apps available on Android market. Choose the ones you like and try them out! We’ll actually reward you $$$ for doing so!#
How To Earn Money From Android
Starting WHAFF:1. Login to WHAFF Rewards with your Facebook account.
2. Check out cool apps and download your picks.
3. Download, Keep, Play, and Run them to build up extra rewards and pay out! You can redeem your rewards with cash or cool gift cards online!Try WHAFF Rewards now and check out our new updates:

making money

4 ways to get money on [Premium Picks]:
1. Download Reward: Get rewards just for downloading!
2. Daily Play: Get rewards for running the downloaded application every day!
3. Daily Reward: Get rewards for just keeping the application on your device.
4. Daily Reward Completion Bonus: For certain apps, you can even get extra bonus for keeping your app for a given amount of days!

Of course you can use WHAFF Rewards with other reward apps, but you might not get rewards for the applications you downloaded using another reward application.

The following actions are strictly prohibited:

– Using VPN, proxy servers or any other ways to gain fraudulent (abnormal) access to WHAFF.
– Putting your Invite Code in online reviews. Please don’t exploit invitations feature. Invite fairly and clearly.
– Using multiple IDs with one device and/or using multiple devices with one ID. IMEI Changers and Chamelephon will get you banned permanently.
– Spamming invitations. Once again, no exploiting! Leave a clear trail of your fair promotions.
– Any other actions that might cause harm to the benefit of WHAFF and its users.

Those who engage in the prohibited actions above will get banned and credits will be forfeited.

Please DO NOT engage any of the actions below when you promote your invitation codes:

– Promotion via deceptive ads on websites, apps or other properties, including simulated system, service, or app notifications or alerts.
– Promotion or install tactics which cause redirection to download links of the app without informed user action.
– Unsolicited promotion via SMS services.
– Promoting w/o enough explanation of what, how, and why WHAFF is a rewards app! Please give new invitees a choice to try out WHAFF or not ‘before’ they choose us!
Please enjoy WHAFF with respect and commitment.

PayPal-PayPal Payments works Internationally and are very smooth. You can also withdraw the money you received from whaff with PayPal to your bank account.

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