How To Fix Skype installation problem

How To Fix Skype installation problem On Windows 7

Have you tried to install Skype program in Windows 7 that uses an MSI file as its installer and instead you saw the above error? Never fear. There is an easy solution and we’re here to help you with it.

how to fix skype install prob

I was trying install Skype on the Win7 OS. I downloaded full version from the official website. Installation was started and Skype was searching for the updates. After that, there should have been a window for the typing loging and password, however there was only blue window without any white lane to type in login

So I’ve just installed a new windows which is windows 7 and whenever i try to run the skype installer i get the message: “Cannot find or load Microsoft installer. Please update your computer and try running skype again.”

So i thought : “wait a minute, maybe the windows has a problem since i’ve just installed it” but programs like: chrome, utorent, steam all installed correctly. I even installed all the available updateds and still nothing.

I am currently using skype for web but I would like to find a solution for the Program.

NOTE: I have installed an older version of Skype and it worked (version 6.1 i think) but since is old, i cannot connect on skype.

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