DOWNLOAD VR Player v1.8.2 APK

Download VR Player, is an immersive media player that put you into the action.
Use your phone as a virtual reality head mounted display and experience movies like if you were there.
-Support 2D/3D images and videos
-Supported format: mono, side by side and over-under
-Read local files or urls
-Voice commands
-Gamepad and keyboard support
-Subtitles support (.srt and .smi format)
-Ambient lighting effects

Available projections:
-Plane (For regular movies projected on a virtual screen)
-Dome (For action cameras like the go pro)
-Sphere (For 360 videos)
-Full dome (For IMAX/planetarium videos)
-Cylinder (For panoramic videos)
-Cube (For cube maps like in video games)

Based on the open source project that started all, the android version brings you the portable experience. Note that some of the PC features are not supported yet. This include: effects and lens distortion

This list is non-exhaustive. Please contact me to add other entries.



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