How to Detect from Hidden Cameras APK

How to Detect from Hidden Cameras From Android

How to Detect ‘Pin-hole camera and Two way mirror’ to Stay Safe from Hidden Cameras in android app.

How to Tell if a Mirror Is Two Way or Not

How to Detect from Hidden Cameras

  • Using Trial / Dressing room at shop/mall ? Or are you at hotel room ? May be someone is watching you !!!
  • Have you ever been in a bathroom, dressing room or another private area with a mirror and had that feeling that someone is watching you?
  • You can check to see if a mirror is transparent by observing how it is installed and using a few simple techniques to determine if there’s a wall behind it.

Two-way mirror :

panel of glass that can be seen through from one side and is a mirror on the other.

How to Detect from Hidden Cameras


How to Check for Two-way mirror ?

  • Observe how the mirror is installed. Notice if the mirror seems to be hanging on the wall or if it’s part of the wall itself. . If it appears to be hanging, try to look behind it and see a wall. If the mirror seems to be part of the wall itself, there’s a good chance it’s a two-way mirror, which must be set into the wall rather than hung onto it. That way, people standing on the other side of the wall can observe someone looking in the mirror.
  • A two-way mirror is a piece of glass coated with a substance called micro pane. If you stand on the treated side, you see your reflection but the untreated side looks like a tinted window.
  • If you see a wall behind the mirror, it’s a good bet that it’s nothing more than a regular mirror.
  • Two-way mirror : When you touch your finger to a surface of mirror, you can touch your own reflection, since there’s no additional layer of glass in between.

How to Detect from Hidden Cameras

  • Test 2 : Mobile Camera Light Test : turn off the lights, then hold a mobile camera with flash-on to the mirror. If it is a two-way mirror, the room on the other side will be illuminated and you’ll be able to see it.


    Here are some different ways to locate hidden cameras and microphones.

    Step – 1 physical search of the premises

    • Look around for anything that seems different or out of place, such as flower arrangements, pictures on the wall out of level or in unusual areas, or lampshades that don’t look normal. Check for smoke detectors you didn’t add, look for a speaker that might have a camera in it.
    • Look inside flower pots, light fixtures, and other places where a microphone transmitter can easily be hidden.
    • Look under couch cushions, table tops, and shelves. Underneath shelves and table tops are excellent places for miniature cameras.
    • Look for wires that do not seem to go anywhere, such as an appliance or other familiar device. “Hardwired” (that is, not wireless) spy equipment is less common with modern technology, but is still used for permanent surveillance in commercial businesses for loss prevention.
    • How to Detect from Hidden Cameras

    Step – 2 Turn off the lights and look around for tiny red or green LED lights.

    Some camera/microphones have “power on” indicator lights, and if the person who sets it up is careless they may fail to cover or deactivate this feature.

    • pinhole cameras in the dark. A pinhole camera might have a charge-coupled device (CCD) sitting behind a tiny opening in a wall or object. Get a flashlight. close your one eye. As you sweep the flashlight over the room, pay attention to any small glimmers that reflect back at you.  it may be reflection of camera lens.

    Step – 3 Use your cell phone to pick up an electromagnetic field.

    Place a call on your cell phone, then wave the device around where you think there might be a camera or microphone. If you can hear a clicking noise on the call, it means your phone might be interfering with an electromagnetic field.

    Step – 4 Start camera of your phone.

    If there is Night-vision camera around you. you can detect infrared light of it by using camera of your phone. Our eye can not see the Infrared light but camera can. Simply start camera and turn around the space and watch your screen of mobile. if there is any infrared light you can see it in your mobile screen. (to check how it seems : take your TV remote; press any key and see it in mobile screen via mobile camera!!! ) 

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