Call-Timer 1.10.34 APK Full Latest

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Call-Timer is a Communication android app made by CTSOFT that you can install on your android devices an enjoy !
Call-Timer can make your phone automatically hang up when your call reaches a configurable predefined time.

Why it is needed? Many network carriers or telecom services offer free calls for first 5, 10, 20, xx minutes. If you don’t want to monitoring the elapsed time and manually hang-up the call while talking, then you can have this application do it for you.


– SAMSUNG phones: in some Samsung phone models such as J7, J5, J3, J2, S7, S7 edge…phone system needs to be initialized (make at least one call) before you can test Call-Timer. If you buy a new phone or you reboot your phone, please make at least one call before installing Call-Timer

– SAMSUNG GALAXY, HUAWEI, LENOVO… phones in POWER SAVING MODE: Some phones have power saving feature and this feature may interfere with Call-Timer. If that is your case, please try to reconfigure power saving feature or completely disable power saving mode.

– OPPO phones:
+ For F3, F3 plus, F1s (2017) and A57, please download “Call-Timer for Oppo” app .
For Color OS 3.0, 3.1 phones such as Oppo F3, F3 plus, F1s:
+ Go to Security Center—Privacy permissions–Startup Manager. Then turn on Call Timer to allow it startup in background.
+ Go to Batery–Batery optimization–Call Timer. Then choose “do not optimize”.
+ Go to Batery–Energy Saver– Call Timer. Then disable “Free when in background” andAutomatically optimize when an Abnormally is detected”.
For Oppo phones with Color OS 2.1:
+ Open the app. Home–Settings–Application Management–Running apps. Lock the app.
+ Find item Data Saving: If enabled then add Call Timer to list of background app.


+ Auto hang up: user sets time limit once and the application will be in standby mode; whenever there is an outgoing call or incoming call (optionally), the application will be activated and begin to time the call.

+ Periodic notifications: This is useful for people who are charged per minute.

+ Specific numbers: Allow you to specify individual phone numbers to apply limit of talk time to. You can add phone number to specific number list either by picking up contact from contacts list or by adding phone number prefixes, which are common beginning digits of the phone numbers that you want to add to the specific number list. Please note that when you choose to use “Specific numbers” feature, call-timer will not be activated (no auto hang up nor notifications) for phone numbers which do not belong to those numbers that have been added to specific number list.

+ Multi-call support. Please

+ Auto redial.

+ To be notified before hang-up

+ Temporarily disable call timer for current call

+ Exclude contacts from timer: If you don’t want call timer to have effect on certain contacts or prefixes (for example, toll free numbers), you could do that though “Exclude numbers”.

+ Widget for fast enable/disable and for dialing most contacted contacts.

Whats New:
– Allow widget to dial multi-number contacts.
– Reduce size.


Call-Timer 1.10.34 APK Full Latest

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