Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker Crack For Computer

Aurora 3D Text and Logo Maker

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker (Aurora3DMaker on Mac App Store) will allow even the technically inexperienced to quickly and effortlessly compose and arrange strikingly beautiful and impressive 3D Graphics, high quality text and logos. Do you have pressing needs to finish your design project quickly and easily?

Then don’t look any further! With the hundreds of templates built in within Aurora3D Software, you’ll be able to take advantage of a myriad of eye-catching effects like reflections and deformation textures. Or if you prefer, you could import your own images and modify and adapt them to meet your unique design needs! Create 3D text effect and logo animation in minutes for the website and your movies! You don’t even need to be proficient over the layout or 3D Design basics!

Features of Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker

Internal Animation Style
Every object can have many types of animations, such as rotate, swing, beat, wave, fade, typewriter, pulse.

3D Graphic Templates
Get a lot of 3D Text and logo templates. Make you own 3D Text and Logo in minutes. Don’t need the basic of 3D Design.

How to crack ?

  1. Install latest version of Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker.
  2. Now copy paste and replace crack in installation directory.
  3. Now register with serial.
  4. Done !  :)

Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker official setup

Download Aurora 3D Text & Logo Maker crack

Serial keys (keys will not work without crack)

name : onhax
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