AppLock Face/Voice Recognition Apk Latest 1.2.14-b50

AppLock Face/Voice Recognition

AppLock makes it easy to secure other apps on your phone or tablet, ensuring that only you have access to your personal information, your social media apps, and even your financial accounts. Your face and voice are the biometric keys to let you (and only you) in.

In just a few seconds, you can enroll both your face and voice by simply looking at your phone while speaking the passphrase at the prompts. Choose which apps you want to lock, and you’re done. The next time you open one of those apps, AppLock will pop open a window looking for your face and listening for your voice to say the passphrase. As soon as AppLock recognizes that it’s you, your app will open almost instantly. But everyone else is locked out!

AppLock is powered by Sensory’s TrulySecure multimodal biometric authentication technology, which combines powerful speaker verification and face recognition algorithms to ensure a robust and secure experience. To learn more about Sensory and TrulySecure, please visit our website:

BETA RELEASE: note that this is an early release of AppLock by Sensory. Please try it out and send us feedback to on what works and what doesn’t – we’d love to hear from you.

Android 5 users – If you upgraded to Android 5 and AppLock stopped working or if you cannot enable Usage Access during enrollment, go to Settings-> Security->Apps with usage access and enable AppLock. That should fix any problems and allow you to complete enrollment.

AppLock Face/Voice Recognition      AppLock Face/Voice Recognition

Enrollment Instructions
We hope you find AppLock to be very intuitive and easy to use. Here are a few hints to help you get started:
* Upon opening AppLock for the first time after installation, you will be guided through the basic configuration steps with our setup wizard. Just follow the process to enroll your face and voice, select a backup authentication method, and select which apps you would like to lock, and that’s it!
* During enrollment, make sure you are in a quiet and well-lit location – this will greatly enhance the accuracy.
* During enrollment you will need to look at the camera with your face clearly visible and say the passphrase “Hello, Blue Genie” three times. Please speak clearly, with brief pauses between each phrase until you see the next prompt. If the system misses any of the attempts, it will continue to prompt you until it has three valid entries.
* You will also be asked to create a backup authentication option, which can be either a pattern, PIN or password. In situations where it is too dark or too noisy to successfully authenticate yourself, you will be able to use this backup method to gain access.

If you have any further questions about AppLock or are having problems, please visit the AppLock support page below or email us at We’ll respond quickly, usually the same day.

AppLock is the only applocker on the Play Store that allows you to use your face OR voice to protect your apps. It’s a face lock and a voice lock all in one app! If it’s too dark, you can use your voice to unlock your apps. If it’s too noisy, you can use your face. And if you want the highest security, AppLock can be set to require that both your face and voice be authenticated before allowing access to your apps and your data. That’s TrulySecure!

AppLock is 100% free and 100% ad-free – we’ll never bother you with annoying ads! Install AppLock! It takes only minutes to protect the privacy of your apps and data.

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