Best Android Spy App On Someones Phone Includ WhatsApp Activity

This Android Spy App On Someones Phone Includ WhatsApp Activity ? Here some Tricks Tyrell downloading and installing this tracking app to his lover/employee’s phone. If we want to do the same, we just need to have the physical phone in our hands for 2-3 minutes.


Unlike other Android spy programs, SpyPhoneMax spies on all instant messaging services that are thirteen, provides live call interception, password cracking and spycalls.

  • Open the microphone and pay attention to the atmosphere of the cellphone;
  • View all images, audio and video saved on the Android phone;
  • Spy on all the most popular instant messengers including Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Tinder, and Telegram;
  • Remotely control the camera to shoot images of the phone;
  • Capture phone passcodes and passwords to device apps and email accounts (Facebook, Skype, Gmail, Outlook, and others);
  • Get alarms when keywords appear in messages;
  • When the phone inputs prohibited areas get alerts;
  • Over 50 cell phone tracker spy features;
  • Can run in foreground or background;

SpyPhoneMax is the most effective and undetectable spy tool for Android telephones! A great deal of innovative technology within a Android spy app.

How To Install?

Before we can install any spy software on a mobile device, we need to change the security settings. By default, Android and iOS are designed to only allow the installation of apps from their official store/repositories. We need to change that.

On Android, go to your “Security” settings (in the default Settings app), then allow app installations from “Unknown sources.”

Next, download the trial version at , then tap on the “Download complete” notification (or find the file in your “Downloads” app) to run the installer file.

Finally, when it is installed, open it up, because you will need to link it to your account or open an account here with your email address.

After just 2-3 minutes with the phone, the spy software is installed and ready to go! To make sure the person doesn’t notice anything wrong on their smartphone, make sure to disable “Unknown sources” if was previously unchecked, delete the .apk file from the Downloads app, and hide The spy app’s icon, which can be done after logging in to the app.

Log in to Control Panel

Now that we have Android Spy App installed, we can access the phone information from the cloud. The spy software we have installed on the phone relays all the information on the phone to a server. We can then access that server via an account at Go Here To Log In Control Panel as seen below.


Once we have logged in with our credentials, we are greeted by a dashboard like below. Since this is trial software, some of the capabilities are unavailable, but even this trial software comes with the ability to track the phone via GPS, gives you all the SMS history, the call history, Twitter history, and finally, Auto Answer.


Here you can see the call history screen. It lists each call, who it was from or to (I erased the names to protect the innocent), the date, and the length of the call.


Here you can see a text conversation I had with my friend Sam a couple days ago. All of the user’s text messages are available here.


It also enables you to track the location of the phone (and presumably the user) wherever it goes.


Auto Answer phone call

One of the new features in TheTruthSpy is the Auto Answer feature. This feature enables us to call the phone and it will auto answer. In this way, we can listen in to any conversations taking place within earshot of the phone’s microphone.

There are numerous other features available here with this app, but we must pay to enable them.

As you can imagine, this type of software has innumerable applications in cyber espionage, cyber warfare, criminal investigation, forensics, and in many other uses.

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