Eboostr 4.5 pro cracked full version


Eboostr is an amazing software which can convert your pendrive into RAM. And increase your system speed. This amazing software can increase your computer speed without any hardware changes.


  • It can convert your Pendrive into RAM..
  • eBoostr is designed to make your computer faster. It features an easy to use interface and an auto-configuration wizard which will help you get “up to speed” in no time at all.
  • Just because your computer is slowing down doesn’t mean it’s time to abandon it. Breathe new life (and speed) into your old computer with eBoostr.
  • eBoostr allows you to cache on any major Windows system, running any motherboard and any drive configuration, to any choice of  cache medium you want from RAM to SD cards to SSDs with zero CPU overhead.

How to install ?

  1. Install eboostr and reboot your pc.
  2. Now open task manager and go to process tab and kill all eboostr processes.
  3. Now copy the cracks  into installation directory.
  4. ENJOY


Direct Download Links

eboostr2                 eboostr3

eboostr5                eboostr4


Eboostr 4.5 setup + crack

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